Kobie Dams

Throughout the surgery we have a collection of Kobie Dams art work.

Kobie was born in South Africa, where she embarked on a career of teaching and lecturing. In 1994, she began to attend art courses in Johannesburg. Moving to Paris she continued her art training there through various short art courses and had her first exhibitions during the two years that she lived there. Returning to South Africa, she continued exhibiting, until moving to the UK in 1998.

Having settled in Farnham, Kobie has exhibited in various parts of the country, including Battersea, Islington, Teddington, Hatfield, Colchester, Danbury, Guildford, Cobham, and Farnham. Her work, in pastel and acrylics, concentrates on landscape, field workers, flowers and portraits in a figurative, brightly coloured, fauvist style.

For more information on Kobie please visit https://www.artgallery.co.uk/artist/kobie_dams_3