We provide Invisalign Go and the new Invisalign Go plus

Ideal for smile makeover and straightening of slightly crooked teeth. It’s quick, usually 6-9 months, almost invisible and easy to get used to.
Come for a free consultation – photographs are taken and submitted to Invisalign
If approved and clinically suitable, we scan your teeth with the Trios digital scanner.
Your aligners are then manufactured and sent back to us. Usually 15-20 for Invisalign Go, 20-25 for Invisalign Go Plus. Go Plus is for slightly more complicated cases.
Aligners are then fitted and checked. They need to be worn 22 hours each day, only to be removed for eating and cleaning. Every 2 weeks you will move up a number to the next aligner.
After completion of the aligners, a fixed wire will be placed at the back of your teeth and retainers will be made for you to wear at night for life! This is the only way to keep your great new smile by keeping your teeth from moving.

The above Invisalign is for moderate cases only. If you have a more complicated dentition the conventional Invisalign will be needed, which involves many more aligners and can take 2-3 times longer.